going with the flow

IMG_9242 Are you still trying to find the rhythm in your days this new year?  I'm in the process of trying to figure out how much order I really want right now after a couple of months of little structure.  How much of "going with the flow" takes away from organized productivity?  Is that why keeping up my house just isn't happening?  (I must admit, my bathrooms are spotless, nothing else, but the bathrooms look pretty darn good.)

I guess my tactic is easing into order around here.  I still won't let myself use my binder (that would mean I'm really ready to jump into life) because writing little notes on my notepad involves less commitment and I can doodle more easily.  So our days slide by calmly with, thankfully, the first awkward days of January passing.


Once that binder comes off the shelf, I've got some little projects of my own to make time for.  Like finishing what I started last year to make my bedroom not a laundry drop-off, but an aesthetic room like the other rooms I've given attention to.  You like the lined drawer of our recently acquired dresser for our room?  It isn't as fancy as your think.  I lined only two drawers and quit after the heavy-duty paper kept rolling under itself.  I'm moving on to another project on the list for that room.

Oh, and this Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love book I got for Christmas.  Another reason why I'm not in productivity -mode right now.  I just sit and flip its pages.  Caroline and Johanna have already chosen which dolls they want.  They look fantastic to make.


In other news for this first week of January, my big girl finally has a big girl bed.  Nothing fancy, but she has freedom.  (Freedom which definitely rules out any naps that she might have taken in the afternoon.  Steady, Mommy, you've done this before.)


And so, the week goes on.  In terms of my stomach, I wander the kitchen at most mealtimes, circling to find something that sounds good and isn't one of many categories of things I'm taking out of my diet. But overall, I'm calmer emotionally this week.   I'm taking everything in strides and when I get frustrated with how I feel, I quickly look for a distraction.  (Which doesn't take too long here.)

I think I'm finally ready to do something creative.  Not because there is anything creative that needs doing, but because I need it.  I love getting lost in the process.  Hopefully I'll have something to show for it before the week's end.  Either way it doesn't matter, because right now we're "going with the flow."

the sleepy time gal