glitter-snow pinecones


We gathered pinecones while we explored a while back...

we glued...

...and glittered.

We glued and glittered until our basket was full with snowy pinecones.

And then decorated the tree with out little decorations nature gave us.

 To make the glue, use 2 parts glue to one part water and mix.  I poured the watered down glue into small mason jars for each of the girls to use.  This is a wonderful project for kids 3 and up.  They caught on pretty fast to hold the pinecone upside down and brush the glue down.  Kids can sprinkle on glitter or roll the pinecone in glitter on a plate.

The pinecones look quite stunning against the green tree, surrounded by white lights.  We sure enjoyed ourselves.  And somehow Rowan (who slept through it all) ended up with glue in his hair.  Go figure.

the sleepy time gal