Give Me A Moment

Journal Excerpt from December 4th 2009:

"The last couple months have been different. I feel almost deceived thinking that life was going to get easier as the twins got older. I thought that made sense.

I am frequently asking Bobby out of desperation, "Why is it so hard? When will we get a break?" There are real tough times over here. Night times when three children need our attention at once. Evenings are constant and exhausting until everyone is asleep. Mornings just remind me of the day to come. And afternoons, I can be found with tears after I've given everything I have and must keep giving until I hear Bobby come home.

Because of all of this recently, I've discovered Bobby as the most incredible relief to me. He repairs me and patches me up. He makes jokes until he gets a grin. And he keeps listening to me in my sorry state as I sound entirely bleak. He believes. He hopes that life will get easier. He does this all so steadfastly, without getting caught up in the frustration of it all.

Bobby, you save me everyday..."