giraffes make people smile

{This summer's plastic backyard pool, with smiling giraffe head.  Definite smiling from Caroline and Johanna, even with its most recent puncture.}

IMG_5117 IMG_5115

{Homemade giraffe rattle from Lotta's Simple Sewing for Baby and burp cloth.  This fabric I happily grabbed at a friend's craft supply swap.  In hopes it will bring a smile to a cousin's first baby boy.}


{A delightful set of cards by Charley Harper, given at Christmas, and now enjoyed even more on those hot summer days spent indoors.}


{And who could forget the best teethers ever made.  A French classic with no alterations in its design since the 1960s.  Squeaks with little effort which is why smiles arise when Annabelle and Ainsleigh bang their giraffes on tables, couches, and floors.  Very satisfied smiles.}

the sleepy time gal