gift giving: book labels

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We've begun talking about Christmas already at our house.  Simple things, like what we want to make for neighbors and friends and gathering supplies for it.  I've also begun making little lists for my children, as well.  In the meantime, I've enjoyed browsing Heartsy.  It is kind of like Groupon but for Etsy--they offer a huge discount on particular stores for a certain period of days.

I found some beautiful, custom book labels from Pop Heart Press that I've now stashed up in the top of my closet.  (If my kids only knew that is where everything goes for Christmas...)


You can choose both colors and the silhouette for the book label.  Caroline's book label is perfectly sophisticated with a little gentle girl reading.  I can't wait for her to stick them in her Felicity books we're reading.


Then there is my little Johanna, who's short curly hair (never been cut) and loyalty to skirts all season needed a playful, whimsical book label.

Each of my big girls' book labels comes with 20 labels which they'll use for their most special books that have been given to them over the years.  Someday when they are grown we'll know who's book was who's when they take them into their own home for their own children.  (There are still childhood books I'm fighting for at my parents' house!)

IMG_9555 IMG_9569

I wanted one set for our family's books.  (The girls know about these labels.)  Mainly to be placed in the books that we loan out the most, like homeschooling, sewing/project, and nutrition books.  I love this label.  It looks like we need to have one more girl for it to be really accurate.


It is a simple Christmas gift for the girls that will stick around (literally) and mean something more as they grow older with their books.  I can't wait to give them.


Have you started thinking of Christmas gift giving in your home?

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