getting ready


We've said goodbye to out of town family and are now focused on the task ahead: a whole month of preparations and creations leading up to December 25th.

This season feels more sentimental than usual carrying a baby along for our traditional family trips (like chopping down a tree) or having him sleep contently through the lighting of the tree on the couch.  Even when he's unconscious on the couch I still make a big deal to the kids that it is Rowan's first Christmas, even if he isn't aware.

The Christmas making for my own kids hasn't begun yet.  I have some plans that have to do with Indians (of course!) whirling around in my head.  But I can say that we are almost all buttoned out.  There has been constant button-gift-making  going on for the girls' cousins and friends and I think we are finished.  I like picking one special gift and making it for their cousins and friends.  It is always something the kids can get involved with and feel special giving away.

A few years ago we made necklaces in little homemade vinyl pouches for cousins.  Now that I have some nephews I've had to find a gender neutral gift.  And I have with buttons!  I'll be sharing a variety of ways to cover buttons for gifts this week.  I think you'll be as excited as I've been as to how easy and fun these gifts are to make.

Happy Monday (and hunting day here) to you!

the sleepy time gal