getting ready...

IMG_3251 Good morning.  And welcome, to many of you that are fairly new to the Sleepy Time Gal. (We had over 1,000 readers come to the Sleepy Time Gal a few days ago when the girls' room was featured!)

My sister-in-law, Christina, and I have been looking forward to this weekend for some time.  Our husbands' cousin is getting married and we actually get to go!  (The most recent cousin wedding in Chicago meant us staying home with the kids.)  But this wedding is much closer.

Christina and I originally set a goal to get fitter before the wedding, which would mean getting a nice dress to wear there as a reward.  That didn't work very well for us.  I just can't seem to make daylight savings work in my favor to get out and run or find a way to exercise when Bobby's out of town.


With a few unsuccessful attempts at ordering a dress that fit, I went shopping around town with a friend to find something.  And we did find something!  Now I need a cardigan.  This time shopping with the kids.



I haven't shown you these incredible homemade mineral eye shadows I've been using lately.  They are Sweet Pea and Fay's natural cosmetics.  They are priced better than other commercial cosmetics, too.  I love the pigments and the sheen.  They are beautiful and easy to apply.  I just use my finger tip and rub them on my eyelid.

This will be the perfect weekend to tryout some of the darker shades that I don't use for everyday.  And look at the incredible venue for the wedding: the Peabody Library in Baltimore.  I'm so thrilled to have a real night out with Bobby!  Overnight sitters (thanks Mom and Dad!) and all. Can't wait!