"gently used"

I love the description "gently used".  It makes buying gently used things more of an experience of carrying on the life of the item, like you're providing the next chapter in it's life.  Whether freshly painted or treated as if it always belonged with you, it becomes a part of you as well. IMG_4066

On Caroline and Johanna's first experience at the thrift store, I told them we were looking for "treasures."  They picked the porcelain doll and I chose these Hummel prints.  The whole way home I couldn't decide where they belonged in our house, in a child's bedroom, a little nook...

IMG_4130 IMG_4121

After a little updating with mustard-colored paint, I realized they needed to be where all of the girls could enjoy their happy dispositions--where splashes happen, teeth are brushed nightly, and walls need something special: their bathroom.  I now stop by their bathroom, just so I can see something happily smiling back at me.


Oh, yes, a practical photo holder and something not so necessary--an old leather suitcase.  Bobby still doesn't know about that one.  We'll find a place for you, leather one, just you wait and see.

the sleepy time gal