IMG_7547 It seems like whenever I leave my normal  life for a few days I return having learned something new, seeing other ways of doing things, and wanting to come home and apply those things to the everyday way of doing things at home.

Returning from NYC this time was no different.  I sat on the train late Saturday night with one hand on Johanna asleep in my lap and the other hand typing all of my impressions.  I love how new experiences can, if we allow them, open our minds to new ideas.  And we can, if we choose, let those ideas work their way into our own lives to make a more spectacular living.





My impressions?  

I'm trying to speak softer to my children, the way my NYC sister is so skilled at doing.  I'm making plans and beginning to set in motion future trips to surrounding big cities (Philly is next) with places researched to explore with the kids.  I'm wanting to feel that excitement and thrill of being in a big city again and exposing my children to all that they offer... and do it more often and with confidence doing it on my own.

I want to bring more good humor in our home.  Introduce my kids to the classics I enjoyed as a child: Bill Cosby, Jerry Lewis, the Marx Brothers, and so on.  And on that note, I want to laugh more.  I want to step away from my responsibilities more to join in on the laughs that happen so frequently among my children.  And with that goal is the ever present goal of my lightening up.  Playing more.

I want to whip up clothing for myself--like my sister does--and not fear making mistakes but have fun trying and getting better at it.  I want to do more fun one on one dates with my kids because it is really fun enjoying them one on one, like this past weekend.  I want to be more spontaneous when we're out and about in our day, not so rigid.  And, if you're noticing a theme here, more fun.  Isn't that what having kids is all about?  Even when it comes to responsibilities and hard work and being together: fun makes all the difference for the group and the individual.  I don't want to regret not being in on my kids fun and my own fun years from now.


So there it is.  The more I typed my impressions from my trip the more I see everything pretty much falls into the one category that I felt so intensely this weekend.  It is the same feeling that is the first to slip away as a mother when she gets too overwhelmed with so much to remember and do and take care of.


Fun is my new everything.


the sleepy time gal