from sendai, japan, with love

This is Mr. Oikawa from the Be 1 Project in Sendai, Japan.

BIP package

I am happy to report that he has received 3 boxes already from you.  For those of you just tuning in, this has been our most recent location you, from all around the world, have been shipping your boxes to.

BIP package2

Although these photos are small, they tell a lot.


Here are people at the delivery location happily going through the relief boxes you've sent.


And there's more to the story:

Mr. Oikawa and his team recently visited Iwaki city in Fukushima, where there have been problems with the nuclear power plant. They cooked meals and brought your packages with them.  They also delivered Duffy bear dolls to the children there.


Mr. Oikawa is an owner of an imported Disney plush doll store. After the earthquake and tsunami hit, he wanted to do something to give comfort to the children who were suffering.  So he began sending Duffy bears.


Apparently, the story behind Duffy is that Mickey Mouse was going on a long cruise.  So Minnie Mouse made a teddy bear named Duffy (because Mickey put him in his duffle bag wherever he went) to keep him company and bring him comfort.


The Be 1 Project (the NPO Mr. Oikawa works for) just brought these bears to Fukushima for many children along with your boxes.  Thank you for reaching out to another much-needed city in Japan.  I know that many more boxes will be arriving to Mr.Oikawa by you wonderful neighbors from around the world.



Don't forget to check the STG flickr group to see the 7 more boxes that arrived in Ishinomaki recently.


Incredible.  Absolutely incredible.  We're at about 650 boxes now going to Japan.  Thank you.


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