from (other people's) gardens








If I tried to do everything good and well all the time I'd burn out.  I know because I've tried it before.


When I try and do a few things really well and let other things fall a bit, I end up much happier.  This summer?  It was ignoring the summer garden.  It was planted, watered, and then, completely avoided.  There was way too much I was set and focused on in other parts of my life that didn't require getting out in the sticky, hot heat to weed.

And so, I didn't.  And the weeds came in droves.


We've reaped a handful of tomatoes and humungous beans (that we never ended up cooking) and I carried guilt for a few months about not weeding and thus, neglecting the garden.  But with time (and forcing my mind to only see what I had been focusing my time and energy on that delivered way more satisfaction) I no longer feel the guilt.


And the amazing part of the story is how blessed I was in the end--with generous neighbors who have given us tomatoes here, a few zucchini there, throughout the summer.  Seriously, when I'm chopping and having the time of my life cooking up their produce in my kitchen, I honestly think I grew it--and feel that giddy feeling from cooking what I grew (even if it happened down the street).

The best part of this time of summer is the beautiful, colorful shapes sitting on the counter, waiting and anticipating being turned into something more.  Will it be a favorite recipe? A new recipe? Something made up as it goes??

It's like a tray of colorful modeling clay--the process of creating is as significant as the result. 



the sleepy time gal