Thank you for your well wishes yesterday.  Everyone is recovering and thankfully, that includes me.  I always think it should be against the law of motherhood that mommies should ever get really sick, especially after taking care of everyone else and then getting sick themselves.  That there should be a "free pass" for mothers.  Oh well-- I'm gaining strength today and that is all that matters.

As I type, the girls are busily cutting and gluing and humming as they go in the other room.  This is all in the name of Valentine's Day, of course.  This activity is giving me the calm I've hoped for this day.  And the outcome of their creating is quite impressive.  Now they are cutting scraps of paper and taping them to the back of the dining room chairs, as decoration for the forthcoming holiday.


I hope you have a nice (and healthy) weekend!  I'll be back Monday morning and am looking forward to it.


the sleepy time gal