Good morning, friends.

I've been planning on sharing an exciting children's book review today (and yesterday for that matter) but I'm having camera-importing issues.  So, you can enjoy this blurred Instagram photo from last night.  Can you believe that we were given 6 free tickets to Disney on Ice last night?  Once the girls adjusted to the loud sounds they had the time of their lives.  It must be the pregnancy hormones because I nearly cried during "Can you feel the love tonight" and some other tender animal love song last night.

Well, as we go into the weekend, here are a couple of things to check out:

  • I just started "Our Dream of Building Someday" board on Pinterest where I'm just starting to collect ideas for building a home and owning land.  (More on the background to that story another day.)  I'd love recommendations!
  • I am trying this easy project this weekend once I choose the right fabric from my stash.  And no sewing!
  • We're switching to Jersey cows and their milk this weekend here.  Daddy is taking Johanna on a Daddy/Daughter date to load up.
Happy weekend!
the sleepy time gal