free and cheap for you

IMG_0046 As things are slowly coming together in our disheveled house right now (and I'm preparing to host the first non-traditional homeschooling meeting right here in my living room tonight!), I thought this would be the perfect time to share some pretty incredible deals with you.  Two deals you can't pass up.  Here we go:


1. Free Amazon Prime if you are a mother or caretaker of children. Free for a year!  That means free 2 day shipping on all prime items on Amazon.  We love our Amazon prime--we order everything from vacuum bags to car parts and it gets here in 2 days--free!

Just click on "your account" and then "Amazon Mom Membership" to sign up.   And save yourself the extra trips to the store.


2. Remember how much I talk about and use my Silpat baking liners? And remember that one is like $20?  Guess what I found at Costco-- a three pack (two large and one small) of silicone baking liners sold together for $5!  It is made by a different company but is otherwise the same product.

IMG_0818 IMG_0833

You can use them for baked goods, dinners (for its no-stick qualities) or even for kneading dough.  I made a beef, mushroom, and onion tart on one of my new liners and loved it.  I now have the flexibility to rollout dough on an extra mat if my counter is messy.

Any deals you want to share???