four dresses is how I show my love



Good morning to you all!  I hope your weekend was special.  We've been slowly getting back into our routine with OB appointments and such thrown in the mix.

Easter weekend was quite wonderful.  Our "Spring Celebration" was everything I was hoping it would be on Saturday, leaving Sunday to be a quiet, thought-provoking day.


New watering cans were the highlight of the "Spring Celebration."  They filled their cans with jelly beans and the festivities began!  Easter egg hunts and "spring" pictionary inside when we were too cold to bear any more games outdoors and just simple family time together all day.

I happened to think about my girls wearing something special for Easter Sunday last Wednesday.  I couldn't decide what would be easier, looking through mountains of clothes in the basement (around the mice's territory) for something for them to wear or skipping all of that and making something new and fresh.  I opted for the rodent-free option.  (We have caught three mice I am happy to say, that have been sneaking our food storage. Bobby's got the skills.)

Anyway, special dresses.

My weekend was really booked.  So I quickly did a search for the easiest dress on the planet, a pillowcase dress, on Google to get inspired.  I've never made one but knew the idea behind it.  So Friday night I starting cutting out four sets of rectangles with curved corners cut out of the top halves which would become arm holes.  Now I was committed to making it up as I went.  Caroline's dress was whipped up Friday night which wasn't doing much for me.  Since I used my brown linen it just looked like she was wearing a sack of potatoes.

Saturday after the morning festivities I was back sewing in between the next set of activities.

And then, 8:30pm that night was my last attempt to pull something together for everyone.  The dresses really do whip up quite fast.  Two side seams, the trim or hem, bias tape to finish off the arms, and the top sewn for ribbon to be threaded through.

I finished the remaining three dresses in a little over an hour of fast sewing and ironing.



The twins' dresses I knew would be yellow, with the splash of blue as the ribbon and lace for the trim.  Sewing their cotton dresses were easy and easy to like.


Caroline's and Johanna's were another story...


I had to find a way late Saturday night to make them pretty and unique.  I decided to keep the touch of blue and lace theme from the twins' dresses and add something special to the older girls' dresses.


Caroline got a long slender wrap-around pocket with some of Johanna's leftover quilt fabric I've been cutting with of touch of Granny's lace.  Instead of loud colored ribbon to tie off the top of the dress, I used another less busy lace I had shoved in the back of my ribbon drawer.


Johanna's has a different lace at the top with a piece of collar lace that I cut and machine sewed onto the side of her dress.  I happened upon a blue oilcloth covered button I made a few weeks back and sewed it right in the middle.

Doesn't it always work that way - that the dresses you can't stand initially become your favorites??  I was so thrilled with how the linen fell upon my big girls' bodies and the subtle antique details.

(In case you're wondering, they are all wearing white cotton blouses from Target under the pillowcase dresses.)

IMG_5857 IMG_5865IMG_5882

(Thanks for sticking with the photo-taking, girls.)


It made my Easter Sunday that much more special to see my girls so thrilled to be wearing something I made them.  If you're new to sewing, this is really the easiest dress out there.  There are many simple tutorials to follow as well, if you wish.  Once you get the basics down the embellishing is the most exciting part.  Once your little girl outgrows the length of the dress, these dresses are adorable with leggings or pants.

Do you have any special family photos to link for us of your family on Easter?  I'd love to see.

much love,

the sleepy time gal