food days


Where I used to spend much time in the basement sewing before Christmas, now I've been spending a considerable amount of time in the kitchen.  It has just happened naturally and slowly.  Now the girls gather chairs around the island to help throughout the day instead of just at dinner.  It has been a nice change from sewing, although the basement has been calling me.  Not for sewing but for major reform and order.  The basement collects all of the things that I no longer want upstairs in our living space.  Our pathetic habit is to open the basement door and drop anything down the steps that belongs downstairs: dress up clothes, dolls, sleeping bags, boxes of plastic baggies for storage, etc., etc.  I'm sure right now you are envisioning what the bottom of the steps looks like on most days.

You're probably right.


But I'll focus on the spaces that I like and enjoy that are lit by sunlight.  Although it rarely was the case when the twins were really young, I've become a really good girl about keeping my counters clean and clear.  (Ok, I've always kept them clean, but not cleared off.)  I'm on patrol all day to direct traffic to the dishwasher or to hand wash throughout the day.  It is the only way I can cook and bake all day and feel sane.  I hope, I hope, I hope it lasts!

We've had some very satisfying days because of food.  Yesterday I stood behind the counter all day: baked oatmeal for breakfast (the egg and butter and milk baked in make it heavenly!) and  Annabelle and Ainsleigh hummus avec roasted red pepper with our grilled cheese on a sesame wheat loaf for lunch.  And then my first attempt at pulled pork with my favorite homemade flour tortillas.  Spending all of that time in the kitchen does make for peaceful days with the kids.

Today I'm happy to just eat leftovers and not touch that oven or step in the kitchen, for that matter.


Today, I'm afraid, will be a basement day.  I know once it is tidied down there, both the kids area and my sewing counter (which has everything Christmas sitting on top of it), I will be inclined to start sewing again.  I have mixed feeling about it.  I have absolutely loved the real, tangible effect of spending so much time in the kitchen, making good food with the my girls who love it.  I see bits and pieces of it in their play.  Caroline's bakery in her bedroom and the stirring and slicing that Ainsleigh and Annabelle do with anything in reach.  I love time in the kitchen.

Happy weekend to you!  I hope you get a chance to make some memories at the kitchen counter this weekend.

the sleepy time gal