focused work


IMG_4272 Kids are drawn to that which challenges them.  I see it everyday and in simple things.  There is a certain focus in their eyes and whole body as they use their might and mind to accomplish a certain work.  Every child and every age reveals some new challenge but the thirst for challenge is innate and real. 



As a mother I love catching these moments.  It reminds me that that exact desire for personal challenge which leads to very focused work runs through my veins as well.  I may have to-do lists and adult responsibilities but the drive is as innate in me as it is in my toddler.

I want to seek the challenge more.

IMG_4270 IMG_4345


Just yesterday while girls were enjoying a warm afternoon outside with friends my Annabelle kept coming in and out of the backdoor.  Each time with a new found leaf she was bringing in to show me.  She wanted help identifying each one.  I was sweeping the kitchen and was so close to putting off the identifying "for later" (since Annabelle seriously wants to collect and identify leaves all day long) until I saw that this girl was determined.  She wanted answers and every part of her mind and body wanted to fulfill this new challenge.

Away went the broom and out came the identification cards.  We went from room to room seeking out and looking down all of our leaf identification cards.  No luck with this last leaf.  Annabelle had an idea!  Ainsleigh's Max and Ruby book had a few names of leaves in one of the stories!  Maybe she'd have luck there.  Up and down the stairs she went for the book with no luck.  Finally, we pulled out the iPad.  After scrolling through many (quite boring) PDFs of PA trees and leaves she found it.  

The photo above says it all.

With curled tongue and focused writing she fills in her newly discovered insight into the pages of her nature journal.  Eagerly she glued down her leaf and wrote in big letters OSAGE ORANGE.


After the internal rush to find the answer quieted down from being satisfied, she sat there just looking over her notebook.  And then, hearing the clammer of her sisters and scooters outside, left her leaves and notebook behind and rushed out the door once again.


What focused work are your children drawn to?  

What personal challenge does your mind seek out to pursue that would push you to become something more?


the sleepy time gal