feeling grateful



Good morning, friends!

First things first.  I'm happy to announce the winner of a BLISSFUL pattern!  Laura who wrote, "Cute!" wins her choice of pdf pattern from BLISSFUL patterns.  Please pass along your address and pattern choice to me in the contact section.  Congrats and happy sewing!

After days spent indoors from sickness, I'm really hoping today proves to be a healthier day for all.  Everyone has a touch of this or a touch of that and do show signs of healing.  Rowan and I are supposed to hop on a Thursday train heading to NYC this week but we'll have to see if that happens now.

In doing some preparations/research for an exciting post for tomorrow (I at least think it is exciting!), I saw--analytically--how far The Sleepy Time Gal has come.  I remember how it started after the twins were born.  I wanted it to be different than our past family blog and more practical, hopefully useful, inspiring, and always reflective of our home life.

In the beginning the blog and my aspirations stressed me out.  I knew how I wanted my blog to be and, with time, had to learn how to let a daily-post blog become a part of my life.  With time it did, and so did the peace of making it mine, not trying to be like other blogs.  I've tried to be honest with myself with it so it doesn't come before my family and honest to my readers so they can see my real life.

 I was humbled to see The Sleepy Time Gal has over 10,000 visits a month! I feel grateful for you readers who return and take interest, who give advice and have helped create a close-knit neighborhood of friends in this space.  I wouldn't keep up this blog if I didn't feel the connection I do on a daily basis with you.

So thank you.

the sleepy time gal