featured sponsor: stubby pencil studio

Okay, so I love this company, Stubby Pencil Studio.  Their simple, creative products were meant for childhood.  They have beautiful and unique art supplies for children of all ages to learn and experiment with.  For example, just their crayon selection includes soy crayons, beeswax crayons, recycled crayons, erasable crayons, graphite crayons, and watercolor crayons.   And they are all eco friendly.

In their own words:

Stubby Pencil Studio offers eco friendly kid's art and school supplies like crayons made from soy - not petroleum; stationery, greeting cards, sketchbooks and journals made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper - not virgin trees; pencils made from sustainably harvested wood and recycled newspapers - not dying forests.

Here are a few of my favorites from Stubby Pencil Studio that I'm excited to share:

The Chubby Colored Pencils were the first products I fell in love with a few years ago.  They are unlacquered, giant triangular "chubby" color pencils with extra thick (6mm) leads. The 12 Waldorf inspired colors are bright, smooth and amazing quality.

Baby Pencils.  These would be perfect for some chubby baby hands around here, four that is, in learning to use colored pencils.  Made specially with soft lead for those beginner artists.

I am impressed with how brilliant these Crayon Rocks are.  They are made from non-toxic soy wax and tinted with natural mineral powders.

This 6 X 9 Pens and Pencils Sketchbook is perfect for the little emerging artist and his supplies.  Made in Canada (sweat shop free) by Ecojot: Super earth friendly sketchbooks from 100% FSC certified post-consumer waste recycled, acid free and processed chlorine free paper and fully biodegradable glue and vegetable based inks.

I think this Animal Memo game is adorable!  A perfect game for on the go.  Made by PlanToys from natural, chemical free rubber wood, and finished with non-toxic and child friendly colors.

Don't you love this company?  Check out more at Stubby Pencil Studio!

What is your favorite?