featured sponsor: pantalow


{the farmer's market set}

I'm so thrilled to announce a new sponsor on The Sleepy Time Gal.  It happens to be a shop that I've had requests from many of you readers for their beautiful felt food.

Welcome Pantalow!  How we love your beautiful food!!

{the bakery set}

{sushi set}

{s'mores and more set}

{steak dinner set}

{breakfast sandwich and burger}

{ultimate sub}

{a chicken sandwich lunch}

{supreme pizza}

I'll be the first to say how absolutely beautiful this felt food is.  The designer creates her own patterns and sews every detail by hand.  And the details are stunning like sewn sesame seeds on buns.  I still haven't figured out how she comes up with manipulating felt to make such realistic food.

I'm so happy about Pantalow because I have a whole play kitchen's worth of her food that my girls have played with for years.  (Remember that the creator is my sister in law??)

The felt food is so well made it lasts a long time and is so much more special for my kids to play with than the typical plastic food out there.  It is quiet unlike wooden and plastic food so can be taken in a drawstring bag to be enjoyed at the doctor's office and church and the likes.  I love that so many of the sets allow children to assemble their meal.  My kids have spent hours in their play kitchen assembling and "cooking" masterpieces of meals--thanks to Pantalow's gorgeous food.

Check out her beautiful sets in time for Christmas.  And better yet, use the coupon code sleepytimegal when you check out for free shipping!  The coupon code will be good until Tuesday 18th.  (If it is an international order, mention it in the comment section and it will be subtracted.)

Order soon before all of the sets are gone!  Sets are always added to the shop as they're made, so keep your eyes open for new, original sets to add to your children's pantry.

So, so happy to have Pantalow a part of this space.

the sleepy time gal