favorite parties


The twins' birthdays are coming, which we are reminded of daily.  The whole birthday gathering is going to be simple and small and somehow will make all of Ainsleigh's and Annabelle's dreams come true.  Or so that is how they speak of it.

Last year when the twins turned two they celebrated their Daddy-built sandbox with friends.  And I created a fabric-themed backdrop for it.  It was one of the most enjoyable parties to prepare.  These fabric envelopes started the whole theme.  I used lots of fabric scraps to make them and closed them with a large safety pin.  (I guess I made fabric envelopes for the Oz party as well.  They are pretty much the best envelopes to make!)


You can see the whole fabric party here.

 How to make your own fabric garland see here.

 And instructions for making these particular fabric envelopes is here.

Happy Thursday!

the sleepy time gal