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Two things have happened simultaneously: finding these party photos from years ago and beginning to think ahead to my Annabelle and Ainsleigh's third birthday in April.

I already know exactly what flavor of cake my twins want for their birthday (they tell me every few hours) and that we're having a friend come and put on a puppet show.  The twins also say they want pink ice cream and balloons.  I think we can cover that.

These photos today are when Caroline turned four and was pretty obsessed with The Wizard of Oz.  Caroline helped me make one of my favorite party favors for her party.  Come see...


Here's little Caroline (Dorothy, of course), Johanna (the "vitch"), and Ayumi (Glenda).


I made little blue gingham fabric sleeve-envelopes to hold each invitation.  And each invitation asked the recipient to come dressed as one of the characters.  They were to come and help Dorothy return home through a series of games.  Oh, I have such fond memories of this celebration with her little friends!


We made homemade Wizard of Oz coloring books for the party favors!  Gingham was adhered to thick cardstock and a double pocket was sewn onto that.  (You can sew on cardstock - just treat it like fabric.)  That was the cover of our coloring book which held crayons and stickers.

 It would be stapled to our coloring pages.


Caroline made a few coloring pages for the books herself of some of the Oz characters.  It is so amazing to see how her artwork has changed in two years.


And I made a few of the coloring pages free-hand.  Then we photocopied our pages.

We had about 10 pages of coloring sheets in each book, the cover on top, and a gingham covered piece of cardstock for the back.

  These are such a blast to make with your children!!  The kids (at least mine) loved them.


Don't you love this photo????  

I was so impressed with how each character came dressed to the party.  These are dear, dear memories of Caroline's friends and the moms that made the costumes happen.

In case you were wondering, Dorothy did make it home.  Here is the original party post.

I'll be sharing another memorable party soon!  Do you have a favorite party memory?

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