my most favorite homemade gifts: for kids

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{for little hands: hip aromatherapy play dough}

With all of the excitement of making/giving that is happening under this roof I thought I'd share some of The Sleepy Time Gal's favorite homemade gifts.  Whether you're new to this blog or a seasoned visitor, I hope these ideas will inspire you to make and give and have a wonderful time doing it this Christmas season.

Here are 19 gift ideas for kids:


{for the artist: art set in a bag--bare books, colored pencils, etc.}


{for the little fairy: glittery and moisturizing fairy dust gel}

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{for fancy girls: elastic and bead necklaces}

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{for doll friends: little sleepover pals}


{for the growing, responsible boy: a simple wallet--with a few quarters to get him started}


{for the interested hand sewer: an embroidery basket}


{for those with big imaginations: an Indian village}

button gifts

{for girls from small to tall: fabric covered button elastics and matching rings}

sewing kit

{for the beginner seamstress: a sewing kit}

nurse's kit

{for want-to-be nurses: a Nurse Nancy kit}


{for the outdoor/indoor explorer: a canvas tent/tee pee}

artsy sketchbook

{for the observing field student: an artsy field journal}

journal kit

{for the creative little writer: a journal kit}


{for the doodler/note-taker: a set of tall notebooks}


{for the traveling artist: a zippered art pouch with supplies}


{for the fairy lover: flower fairies}

button gifts

{for the dapper little guy: fabric covered button tie tacks and pins}

exploring nature

{for the nature lover: a nature explorer's kit}


Enjoy this season of making!


the sleepy time gal