fashion 101

So this is really the last of NYC things I wanted to share: fashion.  There were a few things I picked up on during my stay. IMG_3461 IMG_3630

The Big Apple's fashion trends (or what I won't start to see for a few more years in my neck of the woods):

  • very, very, very short anything--dresses, skirts, shorts.  Uncomfortably short on a breezy day.
  • scarves around the neck every which way.  I actually really loved seeing scarves everywhere--so feminine.  That was one of the accessories I jumped on because you can make anything fancy with a scarf.
  • unique and extreme necklaces worn with simple, basic articles of clothing.  I was so happy when right off the train I got two compliments about my necklace.  It actually fit in in NYC.
  • extremely tight pants or jeans, including for guys, tapered down the leg
  • women are still wearing round-toed flats
  • in Brooklyn, the new trendy home of the avante garde artist, (Amy actually lives there), they are living up the "ugly" trend, I like to call it. It is simply mismatched, hand me down, 80's clothing.  It also includes extremely disheveled hair.  I liked leaving Brooklyn going into Manhattan because there were more stylish people there, in my opinion.
  • IMG_3568

I had little luck with clothes shopping since their size Large is more like our size Small here; the average New Yorker size is not the average Pennsylvanian size.  So I stuck to a few accessories-- two scarves,  two necklaces, and a pair of much needed shoes.

I've made a vow after that trip to be more feminine.  Dress more beautifully, even if it means being more creative with what I already have.  When I'm in New York I notice people make more of an effort in how they dress and how it makes them feel.  I think moderate clothing consciousness can actually help against the casual infiltration of our society in general.

This will take some work on my part since grabbing a T-shirt to wear with sweats is easy and mindless.  I would like to contribute something beautiful to the world around me, even if it is simply in my home.  I can't imagine by the time my girls are teenagers there being any less casualty in dress.

Besides, it sure feels better.

the sleepy time gal