family potions: summertime


Two family potions have come along with us everywhere this summer: our Sun Spray and Bug Off. They are small enough to be thrown in the pool/beach bag and back into my purse for park days and such.


The sun spray, as we call it, cools and heals sun burns or sensitive over-exposed skin.  As you can guess, it contains Lavender.  Lavender is incredible for the skin and helps sooth burned skin without peeling.  It is mixed with distilled water which creates a wonderful mist in a bottle.


Because it is simply lavender and water, I sometimes spritz it on my children when they don't feel well.  It calms them and refocuses their attention on the smell.  If Johanna's tummy hurts or toe or head, she requests "that spray."  Now she pretends she is Strega Nona, and concocts her own healing potions.


Here is the recipe for Sun Spray:

  1. Add several drops of Lavender oil to a small glass bottle. (To protect the therapeutic properties and avoid deterioration of the oil, store in amber or cobalt blue bottles.  I purchase mine here.)
  2. Add distilled water to fill the bottle.
  3. Twist on spray top, shake and spray.
  1. IMG_8339

Lavender (especially diluted) can be sprayed anywhere.  It actually feels like spritzing on perfume.


Now for our Bug Off potion.  I was so thrilled about this potion because other bug repellents, like Off, kind of gross me out.  I feel like I have to bathe everyone in my family if I spray it on them, and if you know me well enough, that's not gonna happen.  It smells wonderful and contains no chemicals.

How to make Bug Off:

  1. Add 5 drops of the blend Purification with 5 drops of Lemon oil to a little glass bottle.
  2. Add distilled water to fill the bottle.
  3. Twist on sprayer and mist over body, including face and head, to repel insects and mosquitoes.

The Purification blend has Citronella, Lemongrass, and Melaleuca oil, to name a few.  The combination of oils with the lemon oil smell incredible--nothing like the store bought bug repellents.


If you're looking to find great oils, I recommend Young Living's therapeutic oils.  They are know for their purity which makes all the difference when using them for your family and your health.

Happy spraying!

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