family potions: air fresheners



I was recently looking for an alternative to my handful of usuals for a baby shower gift.  I thought it would be fun to give the baby's mama some kind of aromatherapy as part of the gift.


I looked through my  Olivia + S Little Things to Sew book and found this adorable bath mitt to make.  And I thought a little homemade air freshener would be perfect next to a diaper pail.  Caroline helped me choose the oil, orange.

Here's how you can make Orange Baby Air Freshener:

  1. Drop about 10-20 drops of Orange Essential Oil (I get mine here) into a dark glass bottle.  (You can find them here.)
  2. Add distilled water to fill remaining bottle.
  3. Put on spray top, shake and mist in the air.


There are many oils that would smell good, be aromatherapeutic, and work beautifully for a personal air freshener.  Some other oils I could of used on hand were lavender, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, and pine.  I'd like to make a variety of little bottles for different rooms in my house.

For the baby shower gift, I stuffed the bath mitt with some baby shampoo and tied the air freshener around the cuddly bear.


What do you think? Easy stuff, huh?

the sleepy time gal