family embroidery










The moment I sit down to embroider, everyone stops their scootering, reading, and playing and wants to join me.  It is definitely a family experience.

I thought these delicate little cherries were perfect for my oldest sister's birthday.  (The pattern is from [amazon_link id="1607055252" target="_blank" ]Little Stitches: 100+ Sweet Embroidery Designs 12 Projects[/amazon_link].)  I worked on them here and there while I rethreaded and rethreaded the twins' needle in the process.

Caroline and Johanna designed their own pattern of little houses, one with a path and trees, the other with clouds and a sun.  They work on them bit by bit until they get distracted by something else.  I'd love to see them together on our wall someday when they are complete.  And my Ainsleigh and Annabelle just began the newness of embroidery.  Oh how they love it!  They use a real needle--a tapestry needle--and are learning by trial and error to pinch the eye of the needle to keep the thread (embroidery floss) from coming out of the needle.  They keep wanting to add colors to their embroidery (are you surprised they are rainbow colors??) and are absolutely pleased with themselves.  Burlap is a great fabric for the littlest hands to embroider with because of the wide weave.

What do your children watch you do and want to emulate?

the sleepy time gal