our fall harvest party





{Homemade popcorn balls with orange extract.}



{A cozy spot by the fire.}



{Farmer boy Rowan loving apples on a stick and our friend's banana cookies.}


{Magically, it is time for the harvest party to begin!  Sadly, it gets dark fast.}


{The sugar plum fairy bobs while the Indian princess, mermaid, and Scarlet O'Hara cheer her on.}


{Our happy caramel apples.  The trick (I just learned) for the caramel to stay put--ruffing up the skin a bit to remove the wax.}




{Miss Scarlet loving all the attention.}



This morning I hear the pounding of the rain outside my window, reminding me that we sure lucked out last night for our fall harvest party.

You've heard me mention it before--my dream to start an annual fall harvest party every October 31st as an alternative to Halloween--but I never planned to do it this year.  There has been so much planning and gatherings this year that I decided to hold off.  Then a few weeks ago, I heard a good friend of mine concur in wanting an alternative for the holiday.  That was all I needed to make it happen this year.  It would be simple and small and a start.

The girls and I had a couple fall harvest meetings to brainstorm ideas.  Annabelle wanted fireworks.  Ainsleigh agreed.  And Johanna took pictorial notes of everything we talked about from a fire to music (which we forgot about last night) to caramel apples.

Everything all came together yesterday--it had to--with art classes here, Nutcracker rehearsal there, and Bobby traveling in between.  (I do like the thrill of pulling everything together, from start to finish, with a short deadline.)  Yesterday looked something like this:


  • Caroline to her classical composer's class
  • Pick up apples from the store
  • Make caramel apples back home while Rowan napped (Thank you Rowan, we couldn't have done it without your compliance)
  • Girls make apple cider


  • Raid the house for antique, rustic, and fallish anything
  • Girls fill the wagon with leaves
  • Girls gather dried flowers and red leaves from the meadow
  • Rowan watches it all happen outside while it sprinkles off and on all afternoon
  • Make popcorn balls
  • String donuts while Bobby gets firewood and the usual rush before any gathering here


It turned out to be such a nice evening with a few friends, food, and the crisp, damp air.  Next year we'll start earlier to enjoy more daylight for our games and possibly turn it into a chili pot luck.

I love the beginning of a new family tradition.  There is this excitement in the air this morning with leftover goodies to enjoy today, memories from last night still visible with the standing tiki torches outside, and remnants and the clean up indoors.


the sleepy time gal