Good morning friends.

 It feels good being back with the promise of cooler weather and having arrived at the next chapter of our family's story.  Thank you for all of your kind words and excitement for our little Rowan's arrival.

Thankfully the sunny crisp days call my girls outdoors while I nurse, for those small moments, in peace.  Each day brings understanding for this mama of adding one more to the chaos.  Ironically though, there is more peace in our days since adding a new baby.  There is a thrill within everyone's breasts over this newness--of the caring and holding and touching and curiosity over every one of his cries, movements, and softness.  There are also new rules added to Rowan daily too, like he can only have mama's milk and not candy--rules like that. :)

Today I'm hoping to bring an end to the painful past week of nursing.   Rowan's tied tongue will get clipped--something totally foreign to me-- and hopefully make our little nursing partnership more comfortable.  But oh, how wonderful it is to nurse again.  How wonderful it is to wake up to Rowan fast asleep next to me.  How wonderful.

And for those of you who gave me such great advice on slings and wraps, I'm loving my [amazon_link id="B002PIZV36" target="_blank" ]moby wrap[/amazon_link].  It feels so safe and secure compared to my ring slings from the past.  So thanks again for your advice.

Sometimes when I'm nursing Rowan in the evening (this boy nurses like a champ and often) I ask my big girls questions.  What is your favorite part about fall?  What are your favorite foods?  Your favorite traditions??  And then they get comfy on the bed and talk and dream and talk some more.  The three of us go on and on until Rowan has fallen asleep at the breast and the girls start reclining more and more into a sleepy state.

This is by far my favorite season--a season of great anticipation.  I can't tell you how thrilling it is to experience bringing a baby into the world during this magical season.

Happy weekend to you.

the sleepy time gal