Fake It Till You Make It

How do I sum up life these past 6 months of expecting twins? Unpredictable and uncomfortable, physically, that is. I tend to think of myself as organized, motivated, and a dreamer. It only takes a huge life change to shake my confidence, motivation, and routine.

I went from homemade treats (as therapy for myself and bonding time with my children) and new exciting meals, to pretzels, pretzels, and more pretzels, and "breakfast for dinner for the 15th time this month."

Why do I tell you this? Because with much time and humility I've come to accept my situation, my family's particular season. Costco's Krusteaz's 10 lbs. bag of pancake mix has become a dear friend as "easy and healthy" has overtaken many of my "healthiest" options I used to be so anal about. Someday I'll have more time to bake and cook. This is a season. Seasons bring change, including personal reflection. Every new season brings the decision as to what is necessary: good, better or best.

We're happy to be striving for better over at this ever changing household.