Faith Like a River

Here are the profiles of our little babies-- almost 19 weeks old (which is well beyond halfway for twins). I had another routine ultrasound yesterday. Bobby, who was making preparations for an appointment in D.C., didn't get there until, literally, the last 30 seconds of the appointment.

We are excited to announce that these little profiles are the faces of our twin GIRLS! I am so thrilled-- the idea of matching, curly haired, Shiffler girls sounds so exciting. Not to mention they'll be identical little Shiffler girls.

There has been some change in my cervix, though, which means I need to be alert to any abnormalities during the day which could encourage preterm labor. It all seems vague in my mind, but at least I am at the hospital every other week now that they'll be able to keep a close watch on me.

The babies are growing well, which is a blessing since they share the same placenta. They now routinely check the blood flow in each girl's brain (I can't believe they're girls!) to make sure they are equally growing and one isn't receiving more from the placenta.

I honestly feel like a walking time bomb, not knowing how much activity is too much, which of my many doctors I see has a more accurate view of this pregnancy, etc.

My prayer is that they'll make it until they're 34 weeks (mid April). That's the goal for twins, although they could easily be born over the next couple months.

This whole experience has required more faith from Bobby and me. Faith in knowing that the Lord is fully aware of our twins, of my unwell body with the pregnancy, of our unsold house, and the rest of the unknowns that come with this life change. But I do know that the Savior continues to calm my questioning heart and remind me of the pricelessness of these little ones desperate to experience life on earth and be in our particular family.