fairy invitations







It's that time of year.

Two August birthday girls are adding to their birthday wish lists daily and asking to stay up late to "talk details" of their upcoming birthday celebrations.  Fairies for Caroline and mermaids for Johanna are their party themes.  This is quite the shift from how we spent their birthdays last year.  


With flower petals leftover from making fairies, we made pretty fairy invitations with a little hot glue, flesh colored paper for legs, and glitter.   (No thoughts yet for Johanna's mermaid invitations.  Any ideas??)  Johanna wants a mermaid tail for her party (that will be interesting to make) and an ice cream bar.  I want a birthday party like this someday--who would make me a mermaid tail??


And that is where we are.  With two pool parties held at Grandma and Papa's, I just have cake/cupcakes to make and a few details here and there to make with the girls--I'm loving this!  I'm really excited to experiment with edible wafer paper I just got in the mail for one party and choosing a cake roll recipe for the other.  

Love this time of summer.  


the sleepy time gal