fabric that heals

IMG_9939 Can you believe that we're (finally) approaching February?  What is it about January that feels so dreadfully long?  It definitely has been a long month for our family.  Each week brings new ideas and frustrations with how to improve my stomach issues.  I couldn't even tell you right now what I'm doing differently with food because I'm not quite sure myself.

And so this fabric arriving at my door has lifted my spirits quite a bit.  I see change in the things I can control.


I see lots of pillows in these home decor fabrics to enhance all of the rearranging of furniture, couches, and change I'm needing in my house right now.


And I see even more home/children projects in these Amy Butler cottons and flannels.  (I've never used her fabrics and I am loving the vibrance of color!)

Having some time away with Bobby this weekend helped breathe hope into my mind over so many things.  Thank goodness for spouses that see what we cannot in ourselves...

February will be a greatly welcomed month of new optimism for me.  How about you?