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Yesterday's sewing class--Thanksgiving edition--of my big girls and their two friends was all about fabric pumpkins.  Once pumpkins were handsewn (lots of running stitches), cocoa and marshmallows enjoyed, and my girls were off to Nutcracker rehearsal, I had quiet, special time with my twins for them to make the biggest pumpkins of all.  As the night continued with later rehearsals, I excitedly brought my basket of yarn along to wait and sew and bring a few more pumpkins to life while angels shuffled in the dance studio next to me.

Fabric pumpkins are absolutely exhilarating to make.  It pretty much is taking a square tube (a long rectangle--cut on the bias-- folded in half and sewn down one side to create a square) and then doing a running stitch on the bottom (and cinching and tying off), stuffing with filling, and doing a running stitch on the top (cinching and tying off).  Then you use yarn to go in and out of the pumpkin through the middle (you definitely need a yarn needle for this).  Add a stuffed fabric stem and hand sew it secure and you are done!   I looked at this tutorial and then did it a bit my way.

Now we have an overflowing pile of pumpkins.  The girls are quite proud about taking them to my in-laws tomorrow to decorate with for Thanksgiving dinner.  I've laid down the law of "no pumpkin throwing" since some of the earlier-made pumpkins are a bit more delicate.  But they sure do make a pretty sight this time of year.  Especially knowing that each of my girls has their very own to showcase.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, friends! 

the sleepy time gal