fabric garland tutorial

IMG_8162 If there is something we need, it poses a sort of challenge for me.  Can I make it?  If so, with what?  Will making it be worth my time?  If I make it, will Bobby like it? And so forth.

I knew needing garland for the Christmas tree was a risky one.  That is why I decided I'd make one and then show Bobby.  It is much safer that way.


I pulled out my fabric scrap pile and began making what has been in my mind for a few days now.  Here's what I did:

For Fabric Garland you will need:

-many, many 1.5 inch by 10 inch pieces of assorted fabrics

-nimble fingers for tying


I tried to use mostly green and red fabrics (or at least some of those colors in them) although some of my favorites were the purple corduroy and yellow daffodil.  And don't be too picky about the dimensions.  Some of my fabric strips were shorter or wider than others.

1. Begin with two fabric strips and start connecting them with a double knot.

2. Develop a visual pattern as you pick up the next fabric strip.  I would keep looking at my long fabric garland as I went to know which fabric strip (or something like it in color) came next.

3.  Keep tying and adding fabric strips until your garland is long enough for your tree.


Now you have a long fabric garland.  I can tell you the raw edges and knots will add some nice texture to the tree.  Start draping the garland!

IMG_8144 IMG_8156

Here is the enormous tree before any ornaments were added (or still need adding).  You can see how nicely the color (especially red and especially gingham) adds to the tree. The top of the tree shows off the garland more because I played with the garland and how it laid on the tree a bit.  You can see in contrast that the bottom half of the tree needs some more love to show off the garland.


And Bobby likes it.

How about you?  Do you have garland on your tree?  Popcorn, cranberries, wooden beads, ribbon?