fabric garland: birthday style

IMG_4439 A little late night project to today's birthday party.  Last year I started a tradition of making a little something to decorate for the twins party and intentionally using it for one of their bedrooms after the party.  It is becoming a special little tradition.


I made a fabric garland for our Christmas tree last December, but this was much more time consuming.  I tied long pieces of fabric strips to a thick black rope.  After the colors and fabrics were arranged the way I liked, I ironed each piece nicely.  I was thinking all the time how cool this would be for a child's skirt.


I'm off to hang the new garland in the backyard.  And by the way, you won't believe this, but not only is it Ainsleigh and Annabelle's birthday today, but also Rie, my friend and contact for Japan, and Sachiko, our new friend receiving our boxes in Ishinomaki! I hope you send them a little birthday message in the comments section today.

I want to wish you all a special Easter weekend.  I'll be back on Monday.



the sleepy time gal