fabric covered ponytail holders


Good morning!  I'm still in shock at the March weather we've had the whole month of February.  I wonder what March will bring...

I'm so happy with the fabric covered ponytail holders.  They are easy to make (I can make a pair in five minutes) and I love how you can personalize them with your choice of fabric.


 The PDF tutorial is here (only $5) and the metal buttons I bought in bulk at the same shop here.

The girls have loved picking out a pair to wear each day.  I can only imagine these would be the perfect gift for a girl baby shower.  I now want to own more small-print whimsical fabrics, like this I'm eyeing.

My favorite buttons are the little apples I cut from some vintage raggedy ann and andy fabric of my Granny's.  The other fun part is coordinating or contrasting the colored ponytail holder with the fabric button.


To store them, rather to not lose them, I cut some matte board into two long strips and then scored the middle of each strip to make them foldable and able to stand.

These will be going on a list of "10 things to make using fabric scraps" soon.  Ladies, you've got to try these if you have daughters, nieces, granddaughters, or your own long hair.  There are much more creative hairstyles going up around here lately.

IMG_5066 IMG_5050

How is your March looking?

We're joining our local (well, Harrisburg) Science center this weekend as a family!  We're pretty excited. It will give me practice parking in a city.

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