exploring: the national aquarium






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IMG_0335 Good morning!  You may recall that we had made plans to visit the National Aquarium a few weeks ago.  We actually discovered--the night before our trip--that we could visit the aquarium for half the cost if we went on a friday night.  So, we postponed our trip until this last Friday evening.


And it was an absolutely magical evening.

We parked downtown across from the Inner Harbor.  We ate a packed dinner in the car and headed out into the cold to catch the last light of the beautiful harbor before the sun set.

We saw Rowan's sharks, turtles, sighted a hidden sloth (in the rainforest room), rode the escalator over and over again like it was a paid ride, saw dolphins do tricks, saw "crock-a-gators" as Rowan calls them, and hundreds of incredible fish and sea creatures.



We walked out into the crisp air after our exploring that night feeling so happy.  Part of it was seeing everything in person, that we love.  And part of it was just being together.  Exploring something as a family.  Sharing our excitement of something new together.

I really love my family.


the sleepy time gal