exploring: the falls


Niagara falls.

 I remember seeing the falls as a kid and feeling special that I stood where Superman might have stood.  It was thrilling then.  It was more thrilling sharing it with four awed and curious children.  The roar.  The mist.  The grandeur.  I hope they'll never forget it...

{Johanna giving most of her lunch to the seagulls.}

{Resting from a lot of walking.}

{On the water, heading to the horseshoe falls.}

{The famous Maid of the Mist rain ponchos.  Initially worn with reluctance by Ainsleigh.}

{Now Ainsleigh won't take off the rain poncho.}

Have you ever visited the falls?  Either the New York or Canadian side?

Seeing the falls was one part of our busy, busy trip this weekend.  (More of the tale tomorrow!)  With Bobby's passport expired to go on the Canadian side, we stayed on the New York side of the falls.  Thankfully our host for the weekend, Meredith, encouraged us to take the Maid of the Mist boat tour.  I'm so glad we did!  Seeing both falls upclose and experiencing the mist (heavy at times!) was incredible.  It was the perfect activity for young kids who were tired of walking.

The big girls are planning to keep their blue ponchos forever.  :)

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