exploring: caverns


We go exploring for a reason.  These caverns?  A book Johanna picked up at the library that fascinated her.  The book and everything we've looked up since then came alive once we entered the ground below...

It was incredible, local, and the girls were absolutely stunned.  It fulfilled their deep curiosity to see with their own eyes that which we read about.

I love the things you find in your own neck of the woods.  This is Indian Echo Caverns, outside of Hershey, PA.  Exploring new places and experiences with my children are some of my favorite memories as a mother.  All we need around here is the library and a car to explore by.  They are really the foundation of homeschooling/unschooling in our home.

I'm excited to begin this series on The Sleepy Time Gal of Exploring.  If you missed the first in the series, see here.  I'd love to see what you and your family/children are exploring this summer!  Leave a comment with a link to your blog's post or location where you are exploring for all to see.  The more we share our exploring, the more inspiration and ideas we'll exchange.  Start sharing!

Happy exploring!

the sleepy time gal