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Good morning!  And warm wishes I'm sending your way on this snowy February morning.

The first month of the year is behind us--Can you believe it?  I had set out to complete my ridiculously enormous undertaking of decluttering the entire house by the first of February and, with early mornings and creative ways to make time to do it and many trash bags later, I am absolutely astounded to report it is done.  More on that (and my decluttering action plan and pictures) tomorrow.


On to exploring.

It probably shouldn't surprise you that it was Caroline (my 8 year old baker) who added the "visit/tour a candy making shop" to our ongoing list of places to explore.  And thankfully, there was a new company for us to explore: Wolfgang's Candy in York, Pa.

With one phone call, we secured a short demonstration at a quaint family-run chocolate factory.  We learned a bit about their history, watched real candy making in action, and dove into the "sampling" at the end.

It was very unexpected to watch our demonstrator, one of the three hand crafting chocolatiers in the facility temper and make many of the chocolates by hand.  We were drooling on the other side of the glass watching.  We watched her make a hollowed chocolate train with many on her completed Easter orders of enormous bunnies surrounding her work station.  It was fascinating, especially for Caroline, watching all of the details of the chocolatier and a real live "chocolatier's" workspace.


It was a short, simple exploring day.  Each girl was thrilled to have one dollar to spend in the chocolate shop and talked on and on in the car, comparing their confections and discussing molds and creations we could try.


Have you or your children explored what you are passionate about lately?  If you, leave a link to share and inspire!


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