excitement in the (chill) air


Happy January to you all!

 The parties have died down and I'm ready to throw myself into my home, my children, and the excitement of cold days spend indoors.  I think we're all itching to throw decorations back into boxes and start doing stuff again.  Like reading Caroline's sewing book with her so she can finally make herself a kitty and ordering myself some supplies for homemade body and hand balms for this dry winter.  (Ordering anything online is quite the task with four little interruptions around.) My mind has been racing these past few days with enthusiasm over the new year.



I put the box of lacing beads in front of the twins Sunday morning thinking they'd just stare at the string and stack the beads.  And then, there they were-- threading beads with every focused fiber in them.  I feel the newness everywhere I look.  These girls will be three in a few months, a milestone we never believed would come that first year of their lives.  Caroline is whizzing through chapter books faster than I can find new ones, and Johanna, dear Johanna, is still intrigued with every aspect of the Nutcracker ballet and lives in a leotard.

2011 has made me a bit more comfortable being in my own skin, understanding myself a little more.  When I look back at last year I see my weak moments with my health, seasons of doubt and struggle and then, the glorious memories of my family and healing and strength.  Last year the efforts for the children in Ishinomaki, Japan changed me as I watched, literally, the world come together.  I watched my community come together for an incredible effort for the women in the Congo at Yoga for Congo Women held here in my town.  I've been humbled to see this space grow and expand (being read in 77 countries now) and to come to befriend you who come and read, like we were dear friends sitting by the fire sharing a cup of tea.


I'm reminded as I look back on last year and forward to this new year that we can become anything we desire, it all comes down to our time.  Our priorities.  What we're willing to sacrifice--that which is good for something better.  We are powerful beings, able to change and transform everything we dislike about ourselves and our outlook on others.  We can invite every goodness into our lives.  We can change others' lives by giving of our own.  And the list goes on.
Can you tell I love the new year?  It leaves us without any reservations or regrets, totally accountable to make life incredible.


(On a side note, here's a little sneak peek of Ainsleigh and Annabelle's little gifts I made them for Christmas.  More on them tomorrow.)

the sleepy time gal