This is the weekend I've had marked on the calendar for months.

 An exciting wedding off the eastern shore of Maryland!  It has been my happy thought for months.  It will be such a nice getaway with Bobby, too.   I have a dress but, as usual, no maternity pantyhose.  I guess I'll be doing my usual trick of cutting down the belly of my non-maternity pantyhose.  What else is a mama to do in a pinch?  It does work.  :)

I thought it would be fun to try some of the cool hair-dos I've seen around Pinterest using a curling iron.  Any recommendations??

And on an unrelated side note, I bought the most beautiful book last weekend at the Time Out for Women Conference I attended.  It is called, [amazon_link id="1609089103" target="_blank" ]I Want to Be a Mommy[/amazon_link] by Judy Cooley.  Each page shows a little girl dressed up from a princess to a nurse to the president.  In the end, she realizes that everything wonderful about all of ideas she has about growing up can be found in a nurturing mommy.  It is precious!  The watercolor illustrations are beautiful as well.

I hope you have a happy weekend yourselves!  See you back on Monday!

the sleepy time gal