everyone's agenda



It is still unbelievable to me how much can be going on -- interests, hobbies, tasks, priorities -- under one roof at one time.  Granted there are 6 people under our roof, but sometimes life and its curiosities are bulging under our roof.  Especially now that it is officially spring and life has extended outdoors.  

Everyone has something different that is their goal or motive for the day.  My mind and thoughts have been consumed with everything outdoors lately, naturally.  Rain barrels and spray painting a bed and planting and needing soil and so on.  The other night I fell asleep with a Gardener's Supply catalog in hand and all of my dreams included propagating seeds.  I'm a beginner gardener but definitely hoping to be an expert someday where I don't run to the computer to find each and every gardening answer.

Caroline has taken a break from chapter books to sit and read her [amazon_link id="1603425780" target="_blank" ]Sewing School[/amazon_link] book.  I never imagined a how-to book would keep her attention.  That's definitely my girl.

On another note, I am more distracted and hopeful because of the outdoors and sewing and such.  I so greatly appreciate all of your concerns for my health and pregnancy.  The latest is that I'm trying to follow the Type O diet which pretty much means avoiding gluten, dairy, peanuts, corn, and the list goes on.  I say try because that is the best I can do right now.  I realize I definitely have digestive issues which is why I have to eat really small portions and why I get some relief by avoiding those things that are harder for my blood type to digest.   And so the saga continues.  Some days are better than others.  Some days I eat everything my body is wanting at night when I'm just plain hungry.  This has definitely been a road of testing that requires hope and faith on my part or else it is easy to feel despair.  Although I still have no name for my ailment (Bobby swears it is Gastroparesis) I have to take it one meal, one day at a time.  Bobby keeps me smiling and so does my outdoor tasks of which I'm grateful.  There is a little update for you - thanks again for your prayers and concern.

I hope you had a relaxing weekend.  See you here tomorrow!

the sleepy time gal