essential oils for labor


It has been really thrilling for me to hear from many of you readers that you are expecting or have recently had a new baby.  One of the goals I had this past pregnancy was to use my essential oils to aid in the labor of little Rowan.  It was a memorable and special experience because of these little friends of mine, my oils.

One reason I loved having oils packed and ready to use at the hospital was because it was the first labor where I used another one of my five senses, that of smell.  Essential oils are incredible natural healers  while also delivering an aroma-therapeutic experience.  Here is my journey...

Because I was hoping to have a VBAC after having an emergency c-section with the twins and because my water broke, I wasn't able to labor at home very long like I was planning.  I grabbed the remaining oils that weren't packed in my overnight bag and off to the hospital we flew.

Diffuse oil.

One incredible way to use your oils is to diffuse them to create the right mental atmosphere.  My diffuser (the TheraPro Premium Diffuser) diffuses pure oil instead of having to dilute the oil with water.  You can control the amount it diffuses and when and how long it diffuses.  Having a great diffuser makes all the difference.  We diffused lavender the whole night and morning we labored.  Lavender is one of the most calming oils and perfect for diffusing.  It helped me focus on preparing for contractions and literally calmed the whole room of people including Bobby and the nurses.

Another wonderful alternative to diffuse is Peace and Calming blend.  This is the blend I sometimes rub on my kids' feet before bedtime to calm them down.   I also used it during my pregnancy over the back of my neck most mornings to start the day off right.  An excellent blend to diffuse during labor.

Massage oils on your body specific to your ailments.  

I always have back labor.  Bobby knows his job is to massage (or rub with all his might!) my lower back during contractions.  I chose some excellent muscle relaxing/pain-relieving oils for his job.  He would mix up a few drops of Wintergreen and Marjoram with a squirt of some really wonderful massage oil, Ortho Ease, blend them in his hand, and he was ready for each contraction to hit.

This was incredible for me.  While I felt like the oils helped with their specific jobs, I can still recall the scents I smelled with every contraction and what a wonderful distraction it was.  The Wintergreen was my favorite.  I tried focusing on its crisp, minty scent and using that other sense was another distraction that worked!

Help your body open up and be aligned for the birth.

The oil blend Valor is considered a chiropractor in a bottle.  It helps align the energy in your body.  For the first little while at the hospital when we were waiting for my body to start contracting, Bobby would rub Valor on the bottoms of my feet every 15 minutes or so.  He would also rub it on my shoulders and chest.  It is an incredible blend for the mother laboring and the body beginning to open for the baby to be born.

There are so many oils you can use during labor.  Although I didn't need it, I brought my trusty Peppermint with me in case the baby was breech.  You can rub Peppermint on your tummy, close to where the baby's head is, and incredibly, the baby will turn away from the scent and get into the correct position for birth.

Although I forgot to use it (I wonder why??) I brought Frankincense to use to anoint his head.  It is biblical, of course, to anoint--or really massage-- frankincense on a newborn baby's head.  Frankincense has incredible attributes for the brain, in centering the mind, for comforting and for skin care.

(I use Young Living oils because of their superior quality and process of harvesting and bottling their oils.  I don't pay the listed price on their website-- thankfully get their oils wholesale.  Read here--at the bottom of the page--for more information if you're interested in their oils and the discount.  I love their products.)

And there was little Rowan, born in a room of incredible scents and powerful essential oils.  It was truly a memorable experience having the aid of the oils.

the sleepy time gal