equipment I love: the silpat

IMG_7914 Yesterday was baking day for me and the four little ladies of this house.  (Well, the twins just watch us for as long as they can stand it in their highchairs.)

We refilled our baggies of baking mixes and excitedly started discussing what special baked good to make for next week's second annual Mama and Child Bake Off in our backyard.

For all of the baking that goes on in our kitchen, the Silpat is one of my dearest companions in the cupboard.


I'm sure you've seen it in many of my baking photos.  It is that silicone/fiberglass baking mat that I use with every baked good.

Why I love it:

  • I use it instead of parchment paper to line my cookie sheet (which saves money and the parchment paper tree)
  • It is a 100% non-stick surface, I mean really nothing sticks
  • The baked goods slide right off the Silpat after baking
  • The silicone creates a certain insolation while baking which creates perfectly soft cookies and the likes
  • The underside of baked goods baked on the Silpat are always lightly browned, never heavily browned

Silpats have apparently been used by patisserie chefs since the 1960s.  I'd like to consider myself a patisserie chef--who wouldn't?



{My whole grain biscotti: baking once uncut, baking twice after being cut}




{Baking Maple Oatmeal Scones}

I bought my Silpat from an online kitchen store a few years ago, but Amazon now sells them.  Decide which size you want based on the size of your cookie sheet.  It should fit perfectly inside.

Caring for a Silpat:

  • rinse off and use mild detergent if needed
  • store flat

The baking mat really makes a huge difference on the end result of your baked goods.  When I bake on a Silpat while also baking on a parchment papered cookie sheet, the products are totally different.  The Silpat delivers moist, soft, perfectly baked goods while the parchment papered cookie sheet delivers overdone, browned baked goods.

I love the Silpat.  Have you baked with one?

the sleepy time gal