discover nature by color

IMG_1291 Since we're all down and out today, here's something you might like to try outside while you're enjoying the sun and we're enjoying the aloe vera kleenex.

It is a great nature activity for ages 2 - and up.

Let kids paint the bottom of each egg carton cup a different color: I stuck to pink, brown, green and yellow.

There will be plenty of mixing, but that only makes it better and more unique for the activity.


After "on your mark, get set, go," they are off to find things in nature to fill each cup with something that matches.  The kids loved it!  They were pulling grass out, finding dirt, flower pedals (they were only allowed one petal each--you understand), and dandelions.

The children discovered the variety around them in nature and loved the activity being turned into a game.

Try it!

the sicky time gal