encouraging children's masterpieces


Two of my four children love art.  Love meaning they would prefer doing it all day if they could.  (Caroline and Ainsleigh--she's taking after her big sister.)

It was high time we bought Caroline her own large canvas just for her.  We picked it out together, brought it home, and talked a lot about the difference of painting on a canvas vs. 8.5 x 11 paper.


We chose colors together since she wanted her painting to match her pink bedroom walls.  We talked about different sizes of brushes and which to use for what on her canvas.


She sketched her idea.


And began with paint.  I introduced her to the wonderful world of creating depth using multiple colors.  So we blended the sky and a bit on the sun together.

And like most create ideas, it changed as she painted.  Her field of flowers turned into something unexpected, half a tree.  With a nest.  With a bird.  (Caroline is helping me write this if you couldn't tell.)


Caroline was so proud of herself it was more special for me to observe than the painting itself, which I love as well.

She learned how to:

  • creatively  fix mistakes
  • plan from the very first pencil sketch what she envisioned
  • clean a paint brush right after she used it
  • keep her work place orderly
  • mix colors and experiment to made the perfect color


Pleased.  Very pleased.



Do you have a blank wall for your child to create a masterpiece?


the sleepy time gal