Despite the hustle, sometimes the busyness and commotion, this is an enchanted time, isn't it?  Christmas day is within reach, deadlines approaching, tales told over and over again about what exactly will happen hour by hour on Christmas day, and beyond...


I'm amazed at what my children choose to remember.  Like every time we come into the house after a cold near-to-bedtime walk they expect hot cocoa, because it is what we did the first cold walk this winter.  Or which days in the coming weeks they'll see which cousins.  Or which unlabeled present they're sure is theirs under the tree.

It thankfully begins to rub off on this rigid, predictable mother of theirs, that these moments of anticipation have everything to do with Christmas and childhood.  Life is too fragile to not try emulating that glimmer in their eyes this potentially frantic time of year.  Watching my children reminds me that I used to be that child--the one fully elated with the hopes of Christmas enchantment.

Note to self: Slow down and see the world from the eyes of a child...

the sleepy time gal