egyptian festival: part 1




This night was for her.  

Yes, all her sisters have listened to me reading her Egyptian books and got into the exciting part of costuming for the festival and helped with ideas here and there but this event only came about because of my Johanna.

This picture says it all.    It isn't facts and information to her.  To her it is another world, another time--something that has become alive in her.  This time it is ancient Egypt and Friday night it all came alive. 


I watched her that evening playing a part of something grand that has for some time, been going on in her head.  On Friday night, her backyard magically was transformed and everyone else was playing a part as well.

So, without further ado, here is some of the magic from our Egyptian Festival...


{entrance into the festival}

Page 2

{Yours truly, Queen Nefertiti}

Page 1

{My pharaoh husband, Akhenaten}


{So natural...}


{So many excited children}


{Offerings to the pharaoh}


{a visitor from the future--more on the program tomorrow}


{Ahh.... hours of costuming and finally seeing it all come together.  This is priceless to me.}


{My sweet son, Tutankhamen}


{the new permanent look of our car-top carrier}

IMG_7611 IMG_7612

{Digging Tutankhamen's tomb}

Page 1 {the royal throne} IMG_7470

{beautiful Annabelle in front of the photo backdrop}

Where do I begin?

I wish every Friday night was spent this way.  All the details that were carefully planned, all of the guests that carefully planned costumes, the mother-in-law that painted for days to make this night magical, the mother who assisted all day and all night, the friends who happily played a part in the night's program, the husband who went from set up all day to pharaoh at night, the children...

The children who made it all so worth it.  The excitement, the questions, the wonder that took place was all worth it.

I have too much to share for one day.  I'm so happy to share the details of the Egyptian Festival tomorrow.  For now, I think you can gather the happiness I'm feeling from these photos.

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